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Company Profile

Shenyang SIWO Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Website:http://www.siwoelectric.com/ http://www.pomas.net/com/syswdq/

Product Details

SIWOQ series ATS

Product General

SIWOQ series automatic and electric transfer switching equipment integrates switch and logic control. Thus, it's not necessary to use controller. The ATSE truly achieves mechanical and electrical integration. It has the functions of voltage detection, frequency detection, communication interface, fire feedback, electrical and mechanical interlocking, etc. which can realize automatic, electric remote, emergency manual control.

Operation is carried out through the logic control board which gives various logic commands to control the motor and gear-box. The motor drives the accelerating mechanism of spring stored energy and instantaneous release to quickly make and break circuit or changeover circuit. Realize safe isolation through visible conditions. All of which greatly increase the electrical and mechanical properties.

Entirety design of the switch below 100A is metal enclosure which is small and compact. Control part of the switch over 100A is metal enclosure and it adopts two control modes of automatic and electric. Switch part adopts DMC enclosure, which have high dielectric property, protective capability as well as operating safety.

The switch is used for automatic transfer between normal power supply and emergency power supply or automatic transfer and safety isolation of two load equipments.

The switch is beautiful, novel, simple, small size and has complete functions. It's the best choice among the similar products. SIWOQ series product has acquired China Compulsory Certificate.

Complies with the following standards

International Standard

IEC 60947-1 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear Part one: General rules

lEC 60947-3 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear, switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination units

IEC 60947-6-1 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear Multiple function switch Automatic transfer switching equipment


Operation Environment and Usage

Operation Environment

1. Height above sea level does not exceed 2,000m;

2. Ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃, and not lower than -5℃;

3. Relative humidity does not exceed 50% when temperature is +40℃;

4. Some special measures should be adopted on the condensation caused by change in temperature;

5. No explosive dangerous medium environment,No rain and snow attack environment;

7. Pollution degree is 3.

Usage AC 50Hz, rated operational voltage 380V, rated current from 16A to 3150A.The switch is used for infrequently making and breaking circuit.

If customer has any special requirement for products, please contact with the company.

Model description of SIWOQ series product


Control mode of SIWOQ series product


Product introduction

1. Electrical level of SIWOQ series product is PC level;

2. The switch has 3 poles or 4 poles (3 poles+on and off neutral pole) product;

3. Current ratings are divided into 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 400A, 500A, 630A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3150A;

4. The product has features of visualization, digit and networking;

5. SIWOQ2 series product is slim type; main body thickness is 137mm;

6. Remotely set zero position for fire protection; compulsorily transfer to zero position under emergency condition (cut off two power supplies at the same time);

7. It has selections for three operation modes of automatic, electric and manual. It has functions of obvious indication for making and breaking positions and padlock, etc;

8. Use SIWO special controlling software;

9. It has fire feedback function.


Product function

1. ①LED display: can display the parameters of phase voltage, line voltage, frequency;

2. ②Operation Key: make queries to voltage, frequency, parameter of the switch, and the parameters of transfer time, over voltage, under voltage, etc can be set and amended;

3. ③Working status display: simulate field circuit, display the status and running position of the power supply in main circuit;

4. ④Working status switch lock: the switch is in manual operation when press the lock, the switch is in automatic operation when set free the lock;

5. ⑤Switch closed indication: I indicates normal power supply was closed, O shows two power supplies are opened, II indicates emergency power supply was closed;

6. ⑥Zero position lock: switch can be locked in O position to avoid wrong operation;

7. ⑦⑧Terminals of SIWOQ2: adopt pressure-wiring method which decreases exposed part of external cable of the switch to avoid electric shock accident.


On the side of switch has secondary wiring terminal and communication interface which can provide the functions of remote operation, zero position for fire protection, signal transmission, network connection, etc.


Product characteristics

1. Phase Angle Detection Technology

Balance in three-phase load is the foundation of safety in power supply. Unbalance in three-phase load ranges from decreasing power supply efficiency of line and distribution transformer to blowing the wire of one phase, burning out the switch and even single-phase of distribution transformer, etc caused by overloading in phase with heavy load.

SIWOQ series ATSE controller adopts phase angle detection technology, switch automatically transfers to emergency power supply (high quality power supply) when three-phase unbalance occurs in distribution line. Thus, it ensures safety use of distribution line and load equipment.


2. Self-detection Function

SIWOQ series automatic transfer switch has self-detection function which can make a detailed detection for power supply, voltage, phase, frequency, action. It is convenience for customer to test ATSE at regular intervals.


3. Fault Alarm

ATSE will give alarming for the normal (emergency) power supply failure to remind customer in order to avoiding accident caused by the problem of power supply quality when normal or emergency power supply occurs power failure, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase-lacking, phase abnormal, high frequency, etc in distribution line of ATSE.


4. Memory Storage Function

SIWOQ series automatic transfer switch has memory storage function, the fault information will be automatically recorded in memory chips after fault is detected by control system, and it is easy to inquire fault information and reason.


5. Control Part

Control part of SIWOQ series product is researched and developed by our company, it adopts power module of military goods quality, SMT manufacturing process which ensure the reliability of electronic material welding. All detected circuits of control system are heavy electric, light electric insulated in the use of photoelectric or magnetic electricity theory. Control device give a real-time monitoring to voltage, frequency and phase of two power supplies. It uses signal driving system for insulation current to control the mechanism. Compared with voltage signal driving, current signal driving has more anti-interference ability and the insulation technology improves the safety of the system. It is the first that passed EMC test set by GB14048.11 in China. The electric fast pulse achieves 5kV/5kHz which is better than the technical requirement 2Kv/5kHz in GB14048.11 standard.


6. Arc Extinguish Gate of Switch Body

For the internal part of the SIWOQ series automatic transfer switch, body part use arc extinguish gate which greatly improve the making and breaking capacity of ATSE.


7. Special Integration load Signal Transmission Template

Signal transmission inside SIWOQ series automatic transfer switch adopts special integration load signal transmission template which enhance electric insulation grade of ATSE, improve capacity of resisting disturbance for signal transmission of automatic transfer switch. And it also replace the times when traditional microswitch were used as signal transmission.


8. Transmission Mechanism

The switch adopts two-gear transmission mechanism, the material of gear uses modified nylon, the whole gear is well after complete 100,000 times cycle life test, and it also has the characteristic of sound-absorbing and noise reduction. It further enhances the reliability of ATSE transmission system.


9. Network Function

Our company adopts SuperViewer software that can achieve network management, it can give a real-time monitoring as well as parameter setting and amended to many automatic transfer switches in distribution circuit via upper machine, which completely achieves intelligent management.


Electrical properties and mechanical properties of SIWOQ series product